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MINI Wireless Switch with 1 ch 220v AC

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MINI Wireless Switch with 1 ch 220v AC 100W

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The Wireless Switch operates at 220v (not IR) mounted in a small box of only 60x15x18 mm.


Thanks to the solid state relay, the consumption is doubled by 0,006W. The purpose of the device is to help manage a light (lamp, lamp, luster ...) with the remote control in addition to the normal wall switch.


It can also save you a lot of money and time, if you want to double a switch. With remote-like wall switches, you can control a classic switch in the lighting system. Up to 16 remote controls for one receiver can be set.


The remote control mounted in a special housing that looks identical to a classic wall switch has a working radius of 50 m and can be glued to any surface such as the wall (non-metallic surfaces) the room, cabinet, drawer.


It also allows to control (also through the wall) any light source (lamps, energy saving LED, neon, incandescent ...) of a maximum of 100W. The receiver must be mounted in parallel with a classic switch.


The value of this kit allows you to add a new switch (or more ...) to your space without masonry, wall breaks and tube fitting. And more, without calling a specialized team ...


In just 10 minutes you will have the system running .... and more important .... the cost is 100 times less !!!


Technical specifications:


Operating Frequency: 315MHz

Power supply voltage: 220V

Consumption: 0.006W

Maximum load (resistive) 120W (inductive) 100W

Ambient operating temperature: -20 ℃ - 55 ℃

Operating distance 50m approx

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